Be The Change

by Dave Z (The MC)

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released July 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Dave Z (The MC) New York

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Track Name: All I Know
All I Know

All I know is the life i live with no fucks to give
Society defined for me what the ruckus is
All I knows the life I lead and the sights I see
All the sounds that surround and then enlighten me

Hook x 2
I swear its all, it's all, it's all
the life I'll ever know
This life is All I Know

Verse 1:
All I know is the life i live with no fucks to give
Society defined for me what the ruckus is
The lust for sins, puppet grins, that's where justice ends,
So I distrust em, let's rush em, and disrupt the trends
I must be dead, stressing on a thankless profession
What can be said, too anxious, the great depression
My life a blend, a mesh of anger, rage, aggression
Time to defend, my message fight away suppression
I aint the one for testing, yes I'm truly a basket case
All I do's procrastinate, fuck the world when I masturbate
Smashin fate in its face, like mothafuckin Cassius Clay
I'm the master of disaster, manufacturing this hate
Cause I'm based on reality, i face my mortality
Your savor a fallacy, so save your morality
All I knows actuality, the life I have before me
The narrator of my fate, I am the writer of my story


Verse 2:
All I knows the life I lead and the sights I see
All the sounds that surround and then enlighten me
I feel the crisis the fight for the right to be free
I sit here self absorbed. Judging self righteously
On the mic I bleed, look to pain for inspiration
the trials and tribulations, defying the limitations
I'm breaking outside the basement, I'm raisin the expectation
I'm takin my place in history gaining the admiration
The realization, I can change the way it is
I could pave the way for kids, I could save the day and live
but I stay this way and binge, like a razor blade to skin
I must be sadomasochist, the way I'm suffering for sins
Jesus Christ, speak on mics, with defiance and virtue
Hip hop isn't dead, but the whole vibe is commercial
Fuck it, rhyme till I'm purple, and people praise my pride
Immortalize in my mind, by the ways I survive


Verse 3:
All I know the life I have, so I like to have it
Resiliency, tho they believe my psyche savage
The american dreams, a scheme a device to ravage
And make us see sacrifice as a right of passage
we survive the damage, so we deserve the credit
and I aint talking Am Ex, I'm talking first amendment
Speaking knowledge, dollars earn are too esoteric
So I plot my revolution but hide the murder weapon
Disturbing pleasures, I never knew another notion
Natural born sinner, getting booze and then i'm boastin
Natural born winner, never lose and never broken
In spite of society, most clever words I've ever spoken
Letting true mothafuckah know, this is my realest shit
Feeling guilty, I don't know enough to deal with this
Still I show fearlessness, on the mic when I set it straight
fighting to defend my ways, fighting til the end of days,
All I know is this, the life of the legend Dave
Track Name: I Will Adjust
I tried to give a fuck once… I hated it haha

I got no regard for outcomes... embrace the chaos
Cause no matter what… I will adjust

Dave Do what Dave Does
Verse 1:
They'll say I'm manic on this, way too much arrogance, yep
I'll say their jealous and mad they can't hang with kid
The way i strangle the stress and then can change it to bliss
What can I say I'm fuckin ill in every language there is
My slang is slick, my gang is grit, ayo crank up my shit
I'll tae-Bo these rap hoes, go billy blanks on a bitch
I take anguish and flip it til I vanquish and win
This game is driving my crazy, ayo thanks for the lift
I keep on doing my thing, without losing a step
I'll keep on bruisin ya brain until I'm losing my breathe
I keep the music insane, I keep the music in depth
A legend with no respect, fuck it who get it next
I'm gruesome and ruthless, and I wear it proudly
A mothafucking genius don't care who doubt me
I don't care for outcomes, I never gave a fuck
No matter what the situation, ya know Dave adjust

Hook x 2
I never gave a fuck, nah that wasn't my style
Manic on the microphone and I'm going buck wild
Dave do what Dave Does, and I will adjust
Uh I will adjust, I will adjust

Verse 2:
Ayo I'm playing with fire, and I ain't sweatin the heat
ain't a person place or thing, worthy of threatening me
No one as physically or mentally as sexy as Z
No one lyrically, intellectually, is next to my peak
I ain't bragging but damn it, i'm the nicest on mics
bring ill lyrics and my existential crisis to life
I be the realest, fearless, feel me fightin the hype
Self absorb, ok sure, and self righteous damn right
I'm like Kanye with talent, and my rhymes is valiant
I'm atmosphere in 03, trying to find a balance
Matter fact I'm DMX, spitting grime and growling
dog barking and howling, but I invite a challenge
Restructure my thoughts, ayo Dave you got it
talking to myself, yelling like my brain psychotic
being honest I ain't stoppin or changin' wassup
No matter what the situation, ya know Dave adjust

Hook x 2

Bridge x 2
Don't need people to like me, love myself too much
Dave do what Dave does, Dave do what Dave does
I'm the man you love to hate and you hate to love
Dave do what Dave does, Dave do what Dave does
I don't care for outcomes, I never gave a fuck
Dave do what Dave does, Dave do what Dave does
Uh no matter what, I will adjust
Uh I will adjust, I will adjust

Hook x2
Track Name: Chasin' Stars
Chasing Stars

Hook x 2
Ordinary people chasing stars
Stop to wonder who they really are
But the circles keep on closing around them
Fascinating fires draw them in
Promises of love thrown to the wind
But the circles never open for them.

1st verse
I want what I can't have, lust for the taboo
Done with the canned laughs, sucked through a vacuum
Angry disgruntled, Stuck in my mad views
Everything I love cut with a stab wound
I'm nothing but bad news, structure collapse you
break you down, with a brrruck then they bag you
don't understand the love that I can't prove
hate that I care, I hide from the damn truth
Hold in my breathe, got a whole in my chest
wanna hold & caress, but I focus on death
cold, bitter flesh, feeling frozen in check
I don't know what I want, I don't know what is next
My psyche disturb, my ego's possessed
I miss my youth, feeling old I reflect
Like I missed my youth coping with stress
Saved the day but Dave get's no respect
I don't perceive threats, I don't care no more
How come I hide the love, but I share the war
I'm contradictory, I'm scared I'm bored
And trust is a luxury I can't afford
But I lust for more, start chasin stars
obsessed with myself I break these hearts
i break em off and then I ask em back
Treatin people as a mean, I've mastered that
I'm twenty eight diggin graves in a mask thats black
wanted platinum plaques but I backed off that
I'd rather rap tracks, that capture facts
I'll never back track or retract my acts
Was never back pack, I speak what it is
If you think I sound emo than eat a dick
Do this music it for me, it's a deep release
If I can't have it all, let me speak my peace

Hook x 2

2nd verse
I wan't what I can't have, crave what I don't know
Braking my back bone, chasing a black hole
Sucker for love, who act like an asshole
They say to appreciate all that I have tho
And Dave be proud, look what you accomplished
All I did was further remove my conscious
From a society complete gone bonkers
Made me angry then made me pompous,
Onto the next shit, chasin a death wish
Makin the best of it, everyday stayin reckless
Check this I'm disconnected
I'm distant and misdirected
I'm nekkid, I'm bare it all
Don't care if they staring at all
I love the attention, but hate the fame
Everyone knows I'm player who hates the game
Wanna turn invisible, like I'm David Blaine
but I crave your love, and I can't be changed
Matter fact when your around I can't behave
Wake up the next day, and it ain't the same
I flip moods, spit crude, so the world can hate me
Nihilist narcacist, in the world thats crazy
The girls can chase me, my wife can doubt me
She probably right cause my life is rowdy
Image life with out me, you need me presence
I'm self-absorbed, But I speak a message
you can't replace me, nah you can't mistake me
You can't debate me, degrade, break, or shake me
the one and only, so lonely lately
And god don't exist, so he can't forsake me
All I got is my mind, and it's fleeting now
So I speak while I can and then peace I'm out

Hook x 2
Track Name: The Devil's Playground
The Devil's Playground

Verse 1:
Should I challenge the system, with truth, balance and wisdom
Or laugh at the fact we stack ballots but lack vision
Should I pass criticism on the foulness we live in
All the violent condition, all the talent imprisoned
Not malice conviction, I just know what I see
I see addiction, racism, destruction, disease
Somehow powers that be say to trust that we're free (please)
Injustice anywheres a threat to all justice and peace
Back against the wall, constricted, restricted, and barred
make people feel insignificant, depicting their flaws
till they accept oppression, and resist who they are
only redemption thru narrow-minded descriptions of god
Want you to give up ya smarts, for that flash and shine
Capitalistic masterminds with that crafty design
Hope to subdue you to servitude, and capture minds
Can't just stand idly bye, gotta take back our pride

Hook x 2:
We Gotta Stand Up, We Gotta Take Life Back
Get Mad, Take A Stand, Not Get Played Like That
We Gotta Stand Up, Take Back Our Life's Design
Speak up and Reach Out, Not Sit Idly Bye

Verse 2:
Better fight for betterment, better yet, fight for power
Gotta get mad, stand up for ourself, the right is ours
Many hands malight work, lets unite then devour
Strike outward, make a change, demand life be empowered
We need to request changes, working more at less wages
While corporations , take home checks are outrages
Overworked underpaid, hope one day we get to make it
But they've stacked the deck to offset and then enslave us
Give us just enough to shut up, not enough to matter
Disillusion you with politics, keep ya sucking up the data
That the media feed to ya, to keep ya fucking scatter
Divide us over nonsense, and send justice backward
Prevent us from gathering, our main strength in numbers
Pumping us full of drugs, make bank off our blunders
There no profit in confidence, only anguish and slumber
So they rather see us sleeping, famished or hungered

Hook x 2

Verse 3:
They prefer to keep you down, physically, emotionally
We shouldn't fear government, they should fear us socially
Cause we hold all the power, but we're quick to give it up
Consumerism, we're imprisoned by religion and drugs
They'll say I'm a problem drinker, and conspiracy theorist
I'll say I'm a conscious thinker, and I'm lyrically fearless
The face of a revolution mirrored in my lyrics
We shouldn't condemn our poor we need to revere their spirits
Quote how Ghandi said it, a nations greatness measured,
how it treats its weakest members, so I speak on these endeavors
We the people need to question, and challenge authority
Refute social control, and balance the anarchy
not let oligopolies, start telling me how to think
So I fight the propaganda they sell me on the screen
We need to think critically, rebel against the same sounds
Break it down idle minds are the devils play ground
Track Name: Love Changes
Verse 1:
Woke up early on my born day, 28, still I'm stressin
Yes in essence I'm still young, but my adolescence done
went from the battle tested son, to a father to be
Gotta protect my neck, not become a martyr to my seed
Can't be fighting with my past, losing sight of what I have
I tighten up my grasp music might move to last,
Priorities are changing, I'm debating what's gon happen
Found memories of the days that I spent rappin'
I was mackin' outta habit, bitches grabbing on my package
I'm an addict, seekin action, I'm attracting lots of baggage
I been slackin & erratic, fighting life becoming static
still do my best to manage, and to do the lesser damage
Not the baddest or the maddest, be the truest, no excuses
Got skeletons in closets next to toolkits and broomsticks
chewin on a toothpick while I'm sippin on a whiskey
Thinkin back on my youth, reminiscing like I'm six deep

A thug changes, and love changes
And best friends become strangers

Verse 2:

Woke up early on a weekend, I got more life to live,
I got goals and aspirations to support my wife and kid
I got pure admiration for the future movin forward
Hardcore inspiration from a know it all poet
At times I'm repulsive, can't look into the mirror
And my thoughts only seem to get more crooked and weirder
I'm Wilkes Booth in Ford Theatre, making a killin taking shots
Love the way it makes me numb, I hate the feelings that I got
My memories are fading, my days are seeming numbered
I been poisoning my mind, everyday I'm seeming dumber
Manic patterns of wonder are keeping me from slumber
Dreaming of being younger, self sabotaging drunkard
On a path of destruction, dysfunction I can't escape
Fear I'm the problem here and not the master of my fate
Afraid of passing on my traits & the disaster I create
All I can do is mask my hate while I laugh at my mistakes


Verse 3:
Woke up late on a weeknight, feeling hype it's a blessing
If I die tonight, I'm still aight, grippin in a session
Yo sorry I'm so distant, need to lighten up my method
Come on too strong, competing more than likely ill tempered
I've never been the shepherd, I don't bother with the sheep
Grew up a fucking screw up, a monster on a beat
Spent my youth in the booth, I been conquering the dream
social deviant, mischievous war monger and a thief
Wake up to sober thoughts and I'm feelin totally lost
Last night I bet breathe could ignite a blow torch
Always gotta the be best, intense pressure on my chest
I put this shit on myself I need to lessen all my stress
Cope through liquor and sex, and then I repress my hopes
Anything I respect, i disconnect by jest and joke
And dissociate, detach til I'm numb and brainless
Like love changes, and Dave is fuckin shameless

Track Name: Legendary Status (f. Lantz)
I want legendary status, competitive, gotta have it
My face on Mount Rushmore, or in bed with the actress
Who played Katniss Everdeen, let her be spread on my mattress
My tactics are tactless, obscene, ethically backwards
I reference my package, anytime I'm getting the chance
Making cream, your girls wet dream, yo check in her pants
I'm unsigned, demand labels pay me a second advance
If I ain't illest in the world, I'm only second to Lantz
making records for champs, The Walt Frazier of Hip Hop
always winning and grinning, the spitting image of God
I want world wide worship, and a church in my name
Might even exploit the proletariat for commercial gains
I want irreversible fame, I want a personal plane
I want a house on the hills, models twerking dem thangs
I'm thirsty for change, so yo I'm a go and get it
Til I'm known as a legend and dead presidents represent it
Track Name: No Rhyme or Reason
Verse 1:
Lately been angry with myself, I don't even know why
With no reason or rhyme, but I find a reason to rhyme
Self loathin' keeps me going, and then treasons a high
like Lantz, no piece a cake, to get my piece of the pie
Wishing ridiculous, like asking peace from the sky
A peaceful vibe, couple beers, and I'm leavin my mind
Dissociate, then negotiate with the demon inside
but I ain't possessed, It's all me, grievin this time
I know my path destructive, but I'm the man fuck it
Born alone, die alone, in between I stand rugged
I can't recant ruckus, the ambulance comin'
The bodies pilling up, don't care they can't judge em
Enough to give a fuck, that i'd change my ways
Contradict my own album, the same old Dave
Be the change I shovel shit on my own damn grave
Got a baby on the way and still I can't behave

Hook x 2:
I don't know what it is, nah i don't know what to do
But i'll keep writing this rhymes, until they're re-writing the rules

Verse 2:
Lately having troubling writing, I don't know what it is
I don't know if I'm being honest, or if I'm holdin in it
Making excuses for my boozing like I know when to binge
I don't drink that much, I think I'm just coping with sins
Coke and hen, rum and sprite, or dr. pepper with crown
I chug it down, to act up, and then forever I clown
Don't take life seriously, unless I'm alone
Less i'm recite a poem on this microphone
I'm narcissistic, linguistics keep me controlled
Life a bitch, you can fuck her but she ain't easy to hold
Bitch caught me slippin like there's grease on my sole
To each his own, to me theres only what I reason to know
Speaking my soul but it's empty, tired and drunk
I'm so selfish, got so much, yet my life ain't enough
It's fucked up, what I got people are dying to love
Ungrateful, unfaithful, and keep trying to run

Hook x 2
Track Name: System Overload
Verse 1:
I'm tired of giving a fuck, and listenin to the critics
I'ma say whatever I want, not giving into the gimmicks
Played safe for too long, no limits or restrictions
I'm embrace who I am, not giving into the business
They don't care what happens to me, I'm socially detached
My motive speakin on a tracks 'fore I emotionally collapse
My flow deliver the facts, my goal to never react
I just watch the world burn, no concern, leave me with that
It's the freedom I think I deserve, it's words I think I've earned
Keeping a firm grip on things, till I'm extinct put in an urn
Never censor any term, a message worth being heard
If it falls on deaf ears, I'm still be here repping my work
Put my heart and my soul in it, lost my mind within the process
They rather discredit my conscious, than to recognize my logic
Could be portrayed as a prophet, but they say that I'm obnoxious
So I'm sitting here alone, cuz I embraced too many conflicts

Hook x 2
And I've been goin' through hell, caught in a Vicious Spell
Blinded by the lite, crossbow string but it fell.
I'm feeling so alone, I think I'm 'bout to explode.
System overload

Verse 2:
No longer holding back, I'm a go where no ones at,
Explore how to get more, kick down doors, and blow up on these tracks
My motive go attack, take what's mine, they owe me that
Take whiskey, throw it back, speak my souls, I'm so detached
Yea but it sets me free, I'm gonna say what I believe,
I'm a speak on what I see, beat the disease to its knees
I ain't afraid to meet my needs, I'm afraid I'll reach my peak
My Boiling point, to where I can barely believe in peace
Keep us scared, staring at screens and rarely are sheep freed
gotta open up ya mind, not fall victim to the schemes
Consumerism, human prisons, youth sickened and weak
And all i can do is speak, and help music listeners to see
And I never feel lonely, in fact I crave solitude
Philosophical genius, split reason break molecules
Pick a beat raise the volume, feel the bass thru my follicles
Sip from bottles, feeling volatile, got change my ways as follow thru

Hook x 2
Track Name: The Voices of Sin
Verse 1:
It's like the voices in my head got me tossing in my bed
Insanity and genius, I've been walking on the edge
I been targeted by Feds, and they marking me for dead
Replace a caste system with anarchy instead
My weaponry a pen, but I keep a sword in hand
for when there's a war by chance, as I dream of lawless lands
New world order take a glance, how they slaughter every lamb
And push an illness on us,thought disorders every where
I was born without a care, and live without the stress
But somehow developed fear, now I'm living out my death
I isolate myself, I can live without the rest
I deprecate my health, my liver is a mess
Too much Johnny, Jack, and Jim only seem to capture sin
Turn my back into the wind, the clouds are black and grim
I tend to mock my family while laughin at my friends
Welcome to psychosis, the voice is back again

Hook x 4
I know you want to enter but I can't let you in
My mind states the maddest, I'm gone with the wind
(So please don't push me)

Verse 2:
My mind state gettin madder, my views are truly scattered
Narcissistic tendencies, delusion of grandeur
Supremely confident, like I'm immune to slander
The bliss of ignorance, maneuver through the chatter
Angel on my left shoulder, the devil on my right one
Need a shot of whiskey, would settle for a spiced rum
Hemingway, Allen Poe, my level when I write drunk
Always tryna fight some, rebel on the mic son
Everything I like dumb, ignorant repugnant
I embrace terror and stickin it to government
may sound redundant, but my thinkin maladjusted
give a shit bout judgement, i'm bringin out the ruckus
the game is rigged fuck it, i'm buckin til the end
my sanity disrupted, my patience fuckin thin
Running on empty, completely suckin wind
The noise abrupt, the voice stuck within my head


Verse 3:
The chaos in my brain, got me savoring the pain
Dave Z misanthropic, hate the player and the game
Completely self destructive, but never take the blame
Still i'd rather suffocate, than to ever change my ways
I favor making flames, and watching this all burn
waiting on the world to end, apocalyptic earth
Nihilist Survivalist, in philosophic terms
We're confined by minds behind this diagnostic serge
to label us psychotic, that take myopic visions
But more hungry, poor, homeless, are call neurotic. Listen,
they wanna socially divide us, keep us lock is prison
I refuse to believe this ain't a product of the system
Honestly too many victims, I'm kickin this for them,
Help the people see the world through a little different lens
But the fact is I'm sick, and addicted to my sins
So all I have to offer is the voice within my head

Hook x 2
Track Name: Refuse to Fail (Wish Me the Best)
Verse 1:
Lets set the stage, I'm next to reign came to recreate the game
Quick to deflect the pain, take the weight and be the change
All I know is how to flow, and how to train to free my brain
How to shake it off, recollect and regain my aim
Never let the stress get me, perceive threats as challenges
At times all I needs is to reflect in the silences
I'll never let em see me sweat, too sexy and talented
Adept at balancing, I'm complex and gallant kid
But naw it aint' arrogance, it's pure self-assuredness
Had to earn confidence, raw with no formulas
At times i have doubt, there's no such thing as flawlessness
I lift my head and stand proud cuz just like the chorus sings
I've practiced long enough, is time to ride, route the trail
People tried to hold me back, and shoot down my sails
Don't question my methods, respect how I do prevail
The inspirational tale how I refuse to fail


Verse 2:
I take risks and make mistakes, and hate to admit I play the game
Survival of the fit, in a cage laced with razorblades
Nothins the same as I age, miss the days of making waves
Like I slowed down, sold out with every major change
Should be so proud, to own a house, but only think of the debt
Its like I'm jumping out the window, but I refuse to hit the deck
Fight or flight, my life aight, my only vice drinking and sex
Mortality my reality, yea I'm slowly frightened of death
Every time I write these checks, but I've done more with even less
Struggle builds character, the reward for being stressed
Wish me the best, but I don't need it I believe in myself
Cuz every demon, need some freedom and relief from his hell
Take beatens for no reason, and still move through the realm
I'm hoping to keep going, let the truth be revealed
Don't question my methods, respect how I do prevail
The inspirational tale how I refuse to fail


Bridge x 2:
Make moves and break loose, no need for strings attached
staying true to what I do, who else can drink to that
this a toast to my people, raise up and cling ya glass
Struggle leads to progress, smile as Im thinking back
Making moves and breaking loose, no need for strings attached
Staying true to what I do, who else can bring you that
Struggle leads to progress, and progress is all we have
Wish me the best, better yet witness me evolve on tracks

Verse 3:
From the bottom to the top with it, never check the populous
Dave do what Dave does, no matter what the problem is
I find a way to solve the shit, but no I'm not I'm optimist
I just know I got this, in my prime like I'm Opitmus
Droppin' discs since I was seventeen with a mean mug
Simpler times, kickin rhymes trying to get my d sucked
Now spitting like a hippy trying to spread the free love
Digging deep, reaching up, to be the change I speak of
Want my team to eat up, feed the famm, whose meal is this
Wanna house the poor, the end the war, and heal the sick
Who feelin this, I love you back, hardcore real with this
Only through struggle can we come through and deal with it
Steady vibing, I'm improving, review the details
Won't let the music be stale, wont let the movement derail
So you can question the method, but respect I do prevail
My inspirational tale how I refuse to fail

Track Name: Watch'n the World Burn
Verse 1:
I'm celebratin' destruction, while elevating discussion
I'm embracing the ruckus, the devastation and corruption
The buckets of blood, homicide, over hustling drugs
Bustin of slugs, genocide, over government funds
Puppets and dumb, politicians, and a public that listens
Dogmatic fascist, whether Muslim or Christian
Radical activist, bomb and nuking a building
Killing women and children, more innocent civilians
Oil drilling, oil spilling, either way it's sickening
Fear mongering, and posturing, the people are bickering
Picking fights with each other, but never the sovereignty
Afraid to bite the hand that feeds, caged by prophecy
No change in policy, could reframe our philosophy
No length of honesty, could help to embrace our modesty
We're capitalistic, animalistic since birth
Learned I can't if resist it, I can still watch as it's burns

Hook x 2
Watching it burn, burn burn burn
Watching it burn, burn burn burn
Watching it burn, burn burn burn
Setting the world on fire and scorch the earth

Verse 2:
Natural disasters, a catatonic god
Tragedies worsened by our catastrophic response
Catholic remarks, bible quoters, pointing their fingers
Annoyed and bitter, I just sit here, enjoyin my liquor
Addictions, mental illness, people told be resilient
But wages remain stagnant, and people seem emollient
Afraid to be militant, and deflect the significance
Yo respect my existence or expect the resistance
Neglect assistance to us but aid corporations
Republican, democrats, the same propagation
Foreign relations, nations beefing and throwing stones
Simultaneously scheme for increased social controls
Terrorism, freedom fighters they one in the same
Suicide, escapism, with one foot in the grave
Slavery and chains, pulling strings and dulling our brains
Mind control media, deception, bullying, hate

Hook x 2
Track Name: One Little Dream
Emma Zerella, my bella, my beautiful little girl
Haven't even met you yet, ready to give you the world
Need you to know I'm not perfect, I'm as flawed as they come
but i'll be sure to adore you, support with all of my love
Want to see your smiling face and if it looks like mine
Be safe, know there's no mountain worth being shook to climb
And childhood is precious tho the stresses will grow
Appreciate the things you have and the less you know
Don't be like your old man, always fighting his cause
but i'll teach you resiliency and to right your wrongs
and if your interested can show you how write some songs
Be sweet as corn like ya mom, with enlightened charm
Be Strong minded, and self assured, in the ways of ya dad
a little quick witted narcissism, it's okay to brag
and it's okay to succeed, but be aware of other's needs
be careful and carefree and daring enough to dream

Some people shoot for the stars
Dream upon dream
They long to go far
Chasing their rainbow so high
Wish upon wish
They'll reach for the sky
But I got one little dream

Emma Zerella, imma tell her everyday that I love her
Hope she have the mind of her pops, but the grace of her mother
A complimentary, combination of strength and features
Try to educate her but I know only experience teaches
But use your reason and discretion and embrace the lesson
Be confident in your knowledge but never afraid to question
I'm gonna wanna protect you, from all the harm and evil
But I can't, so we'll prepare you for the warmth of people
See the good not the badness, gladness over sadness
Think for yourself and imagine, and make the world your canvas
Keep a youthful passion, don't let your world turn stagnant
Bring da ruckus baby girl, and flip the world on its axis
Have compassion and mercy, don't hold grudges like me
It's not worth the aggravation, use better judgement than me
But be tough, stand up for yourself, do whatever you need
And take time to take chances so you can take on your dreams