Lyrical Retreat

by Dave Z (The MC)

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Written, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in a 3 day period, Lyrical Retreat is unlike any other release.


released January 21, 2014

Tracks 1-9 produced by Anno Domini Nation
Track 10 produced by Atomic Beats

Artwork not official



all rights reserved


Dave Z (The MC) New York

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Track Name: DumbShit
Murder everything you love, including what I care about
I call this rhyme therapy, trying to get the lyrics out
Then call me Ron Jeremy, my dick is all i hear about
Shits crazy, whiling out, word up better clear a route
Ya boy on that murder murder, I don't even own a burner
I just know the words to hurt, fighting all my primaly urges
I ain't a violent person, but I keep the fire burning
I speak of higher learning, yet believe my minds a burden
I keep on working, I'm self absorbed, self important
I'm self-destructive, fuck it, I'm fucking self reporting
It's all skewed by the views I spew, I'm self talking
helping myself threw, warn myself and self caution
this self loathing is getting old, so I'm moving past it
my mood can drastically change, I'm such a loose cannon
I might lose assets, but I'm used to doing bad shit
when I say on the mic is stupid dumb and true passion

I'm on some dumb shit, I'm on some fun shit
I'm on some dumb shit, I'm on some fun shit
I'm on some dumb shit, I'm on some fun shit
Dave Do What Dave Does, & I don't give a fuck yet

My whole steez is money, guarantee it's worth the price
Watch me kill a beat, kill my dream, and burst the pipe
God hates me, I'm crazy enough to curse at christ
But he don't' present himself, yea must be the worried type
I don't blame em, I'm fucking slaying every word I write
I'm bizzerk on mics & do dumb shit that hurts my wife
That's a whole lot of truth, and maybe off topic too
My mind racing, pacing like I'm high on rocket fuel
Smell the toxics fumes, I'm shitting on the industry,
Self defined, confine my self, inside this misery
Social IsolationsTryin to find an epiphany,
Vocal vibration, kicking rhymes till I'm history
I'm manic, panicky, heart filled with anarchy
somehow got obsessed with drunk sex apparently
I love to feel good but who wouldn't love my character
I guess I'm too gluttonous, lustful, and arrogant
Track Name: Birth of An Empire
I'm rising to the top, I'm applying what I got
I got vital crops and I'm grinding on the block
Never take a day off, they say I get that from my pops
Hard work on my terms, with or without getting props
I'm the village idiot who diligently save the day
The revolutionary mind on militant display
They don't recognize my genus, say i'm silly & I'm cray
But i'm resilient and I'm building every single day
Step by step, piece by piece, and brick by brick
an empire in my name, i'll establish it
With desire in my brain, I'll catapult to bliss
Fuck the industry for trying to blacklist the kid
Single handedly, overcome any type of struggle
My voice godlike, dog i'm the wrong type to muzzle
Born righteous, live humble, and I fight with knuckles
Hardbody rap, matter fact, tight as muscle

Birth of an empire, building of a nation
Destroy than rebuild, kill then recreation

I'm taking whats mine, I'm claiming what I earned
pound my fist in the ground, and I'm break up the earth
Best chance to rebuild is when devastation occurs
Cryptic language, anguish, self deprivation then rebirth
Either disturb the comfortable, or comfort the disturbed
I stay making plays, savor my hunger and thirst
Proactive when I'm rapping, I'm coming with a surge
An electrifying vibe, I'm so money on a verse
I'm funny and a perv, but know when to focus in
Sunshine and success, look at me and just soak it in
Heroin overdose, ain't even as dope as him
Dave Z the Mic Control, the reason the globe can spin
Is it a god complex or the burden of a messiah
overthrow Hell on earth, and i'm working through the fire
no matter what, I'm smug, smirking wtih desire
Watch the world burn, then give birth to an empire

Track Name: Sense of War
Trying to stay alive, survival of the fittest
Rhyming till I die, arrival of the illest
Wars a game we play, a primal business
So many people slain, tribal rivals pillaged
Village of the damned, a land of deep deception
Only truth I uncover, what I speak on records
And I don't trust a soul, I don't have deep connection
I only have free will, and the will of free expression
I will keep aggression, I will hold my own
And all I really ever known was the microphone
word play breath control, and a restless soul
work all day, no play make dave, obsess and stow
I'm ready for eruption, deadly on percussion
the war drums sounds, and it's end of the discussion
loving the destruction, steady on dysfunction
Reap what you sew, so what, fuck the repercussions

I must be evil, fuck it I love the sense of war
I'm addicted to the pain n the hell that we endure
We love to see the drama, hope I live to see some more
Every day another battle, we love the sense of war

Fighting over nothin, a battle of the wits
Striking em with substance, rap is what you did
Hip hop is what live, n I'm backin up this bitch
I never need ammo, tap em with my fist
Love debris, destruction, I could fuck up my life
I could fuck up yours twice, over nothin but spite
I'm unstoppable despite, every obsticle in sight
I'm brolic on the mic, I'm impossible to like,
Gotta fuckin love or loathe me, blow up the enemy
Corporations dont invest in me, so no one can sensor me
Deadly with my melody, I mentally excel on beat
Guns shooting, bomb nuking, its all good and well to me
My flow sweltering, hell to me is fuckin frigid
I'm schorching, more importantly bucking at the privileged
Fuck external threats, lets keep war in our class
Embrace anarchy, and scream fuck the aftermath

(Hook repeats)
Track Name: Free Ya Soul
I'm airing out my drama, but I'm my biggest problem
It's all revolving around, my fear I'll be forgotten
I'm scared I'm not that awesome, and here my only option
Drown myself or bring my peers down w me to the bottom
I'm so obnoxious, to prevent myself from seeming fragile
Angels and demons are beefing and it's an even battle
Most the people I love, have never even seen my rattle
I keep a mask, a front, that only keeps me shackled
I'm a slave to my brain, my age is creeping on me
I cant predict the future, will my ways be what haunts me
When I ain't fucking things, I do the best I can
What can I tell her except, accept I'm jus a man
I'm just flawed being, drunk on the floor screaming
Pissed off at the world, what's more I'm so distraught even
Don't know what I'm needing, but feels like my thoughts bleeding
Logic escaping me, baby I've lost all reason

Don't know what I'm escaping, I only know the basement
I know I laugh at fate, and hate I'm homosapien
I'm inherently flawed, never stood a chance at this
I want what I can't have, get mad I can't handle it
I'm in love with my id, I'm impulsive n needy
N blame society for being repulsive n greedy
Hate to admit my mind is compulsively sleazy
I'm an asshole on the down low totally sneaky
I blame others, shame others, never own my issue
Never allow myself to cry, never owned a tissue
twenty eight & afraid someday no onell miss you
Try to have substance, but judgment controls and hits you
I wasted time criticizing, deny I was the fool
Always think I was so cool, and I was the truth
But I'm average it kills me, yea I'm nothing new
I can't escape it, it's no one fault but it's true

Release my inner demons, n trying to find some freedom
I'm trying to free my soul and find some deeper meaning
Track Name: Just Chillin'
Just Chillin
I'm just chillin on a Sunday afternoon
I'm just chillin on a Sunday afternoon
Tryna to find the right rhyme to capture the mood
I'm just chillin on em, I'm just chillin on em

I'm chill, calm, real suave, when I do what i do
I'm king kong, real large, and belong in zoo
Scratch my balls, watch the game, have a couple of brews
Writing rhymes to past time, while I munch on some food
Kick my feet up on the couch, best believe I'm a slouch
Ain't a damn thing to do that's worth leaving the house
I'll just bask in my filth, but I ain't even a grouch
I'm smiling, vibing pick a beat and kick it loud
And I don't need a topic, I just speak n be honest
Too lazy to think deep or reach into my conscious
I ain't showered all day, probably reek of toxins
I'll pour one scotch on the rock, just to keep me boppin
Dave Z hip hopping, and dropping these hits
Ain't rhymed in six minutes now I'm chomping at the bit
Go to the bathroom, shit, and then I'm poppin a zit
That got more personality, then most these pop rap kids

I'm just chillin out maxin' and relaxing all cool
Drank the night away, now piss away the afternoon
Let the day slip away, but captured it in this tune
Ain't a care on my mind, I'm just acting a fool
ayo Dave is the best, n today I'm gon rest
Brush my teeth, clean the scent of jäger off my breath
I ain't depressed, I'm but yes this is a mental health day
We're i sit back relax, without a sense of dismay
Don't care what's going on around me, it not my biz
Eaten a bowl cereal and watching rocky six
They say I'm lazy, yeah cant say it better myself
Could probably read or research or try to better my self
But it stays on the shelf, I just sit sippin some booze
prepare for Monday morning when I'm hitting that snooze
It's here before I know it, damn the hours just fly
On a Sunday afternoon, of just chillin to rhymes
Track Name: Me, Myself, and I
Me Myself and I

Only truth I ever known was me myself and I
Gotta read between the lies, gotta keep a keen eye
People scheming, always fiending
for a piece of the pie
I'm just dreaming for relief, while I'm keeping my pride
Self respect nothin less, never mess with my soul
Check the rep, every step, I reflect is my own
Every breathe, that I breathe, ever second I flow
I expect, a real test, to protect what I know
Never stressed never choke, I am calm collected
I am stronger than a damn Barry Bonds injection
Except more authentic, yo I'm on that next shit
Relentless, no man can deflect my complexness
my foes have a death wish, yes this bombastic
Braggadocio flow, better yet it's fantastic
I'm classic, original, who me be sarcastic
Dave Z the only dude, I will rep till the casket

Me, Myself, and I. I believe I can rise
Keep my eyes on the prize, put my pride on the line
I will ride till I die, I will strive, I will thrive
I will find ways to climb, me myself and I

Say I'm narcissistic, claim that I'm pretentious.
Yet my name is hardly mentioned, I don't need attention,
The game don't need me and I don't need convention
All I need is myself, and I can lead dissension
Rebel against the standard, demand more variance
Always contrarian, modern day barbarian
Check my experience, peruse my resume
wrote an album in three days, dude is insane
I'm up late making hits, instead of drunk chasing chicks
Lock myself in the booth, I love taking risks
Then I'm breaking my fist, punching and jabbing
I'm self absorbed but not the one stunting and bragging
These emcees is has-beens, when I bring the ratchet
My verbiage is vivid, my writtens is graphic
God damn I am savage, wifey thinks I'm an addict,
I'm drunk all the time, damn right I'm a bad kid
Track Name: Let It Be
Let It Be

I love the people that surround and I'm proud to be here
'nother ballad for the profound, no doubts no tears
Overcoming adversity, I will challenge fear
I will try to be more open, find a balance yea
Got my head on straight, and I replaced the angst
I sent out mad love and I gave out thanks
I got a house, car, job and savings in the banks
I got charm, good looks, and the grace of a tank
Ayo Dave is a Yank, NorthEast my home
I appreciate my friends, and endorse my foes
Hating on me make me greater and more control
Set my dreams to achieve and then record my goals
Life ain't easy, is sleazy, it's grimy and gritty
But never stop smiling, when the grind is shitty
The result is worthwhile so endure this me
Fallibility's sexy, and you're flaws are pretty

Trying to be a better man, and to keep with the plan
Love the way we came up, love to reach for her hand
Let gets away together, put our feet in the sand
And all the love in my heart is the reason I rant
I want my people to succeed I fully support you
I ain't perfect, I worry, I'm mulling my morals
When push comes to shove, I'm the one pulling for you
on the brink of destruction, when you make me immortal
It's hard work, dedication, gotta working on myself
But heaven on earth is worth it, if u going thru hell
Deep seeded demons on the surface and no can tell
Doubts creep in, but reach down and show yourself,
Life ain't easy, is sleazy, it's grimy and gritty
But never stop smiling, when the grind is shitty
The result is worthwhile so endure this me
Fallibility's sexy, and you're flaws are pretty