by Dave Z (The MC)

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Sophmore Album featuring Doap Nixon, Side Effect, Lantz, Mark Deez, Marz, Van G, Casacas, Reckless, Levi with production by Anno Domini, Allrounda, Vherbal, Telling Beatz, 2Deep and more


released January 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Dave Z (The MC) New York

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Track Name: Say What

1st Verse:

My philosophy is enigmatic an oddity
I'm a prodigy always bringing havoc like mobb deep
Check the rep dunny, money savage like wallstreet
Livin lavish and godly with just my balls and my speech
Anything else is extras, try to better my status
They say words live forever, so i'm never gone vanish
Can't measure the language, manage to stay self-defined
It's all me, with no aids, like magic johnson in his prime
The soloist vocalist, rock the mic, blow it to bits
Suffolk County New York, no shit east coast where it is
Grew up on this as the standard, with music so amped up
Braggadocio rap flows and those delusions of granduer
Out of this world, head so big, probably need two bandanas
This dudes bananas, insane mayne, maintaining true candor
No stupid propaganda , mindless banter, or fake stuff
So if you feel it Stand up throw ya hands up and say what


2nd Verse
It's Dave Z Non-Prophet, check my characteristics
Always Philosophic, Most the time cannibalistic
God of war, the hardcore, carnivore, animalistic
Never stray from the topic, but at times jargonistic
But if you ask me a question, I'ma give an honest answer
The egotistic linguist, with a kick like habaneras
A mix of Dom Irrerra, Che Gueverra, and Rakim
Rockin em suede Tims , got a fade and a faithful grin
Lookin' like a millions bucks, like that's what I play win
A way of life, endorse vice, and I'm embracing my sin
This the way it is hip hop, with a fun and edgy sound
Heavy resound, tll every town, plagued with unsteady grounds
My statements tend to astound, earn me pounds and props to boot
Hip hop The roots - like Black Thought and Questlove hopped in the booth
Writin rhymes like dropping a deuce, on the regs, yea strait up
I'm nasty on the mic, but if you like it then say what

Track Name: I Don't Care (featuring Side Effect)
"Settin it off" scratching

Hook 2x
"Settin it off, letting it off, beginning"
" It doesn't matter what you say or what you do"
"I ain't concern with who gone shoot who
I'm only concern with music and who break thru"

Dave Z Verse
Lettin you know from the jump, I don't care what no one does
Do my own thing give a fuck, holding it down blow it up
rolling with an O.G. from Philly, the grown bore grizzly
U know the thoughts shitty, core gritty still walk with me
Sum it up I quote Biggie, I party and bullshit
My words are artillery, my audios a full clip
I'm gaudy with this music, till the audience lose it
I'm the drunk Confucious bring a forty to Ruth Chris
Cuz I don't care mothafucka if i'm bizarre and strange
Your opinion ain't worth a dog shit like Artie Lang
These mainstream duecebags got less swag than Charlton Banks
While I intimidate more rich white folks than Harlem Gangs
Rags to Riches, Riches backs to Rags, And I hardly change
The competitions just turrrrible Charles Barkley slang
I'm part to blame, hard to love, but even harder to hate
But I don't care what they say, rather starve then be fake

Hook 2x

Side Effect Verse:
Yea Side effect
Dave Z What up
Yo see I done seen it all & witnessed, heard applause endless
thought surely by now ya'll would'a been lost interest
but soon as I begin this that when ya'll saw the difference
a lyricist about his business, apprentices sound horrendous
compared to this underground vintage
God tell em I don't care, what you spit or who ya friends is
Don't nobody get spared, my penmanship relentless
How the fuck you even dare, feel the wrath of my vengenge
Side effect is a menace, smack geeks when I'm blending the words
Cashin in they rap album, revenge of the nerds
And even then I'm a writer whose a ten maybe higher
with a pen my studio is like a den for Al'Qaeda
You talking to a man who might kill for his
Cuz I don't care, do the knowledge kid Milk and Giz
I do whatever it is, I'm here to tell ya
My desire for success is greater than my fear of failure
Dog I don't care

Hook 2x
Track Name: Microphone Controllers featuring Lantz and Doap Nixon
Hook 2x
"Uh, Get ya hands up, they can't stand us"
"So, all hail the honorable, microphone phenomenal"
"Live for it die for it, tear down mics put an out of order sign on it"
"Back on the microphone your number one controller"

Dave Z (The MC) Verse:
Dave Z The Mic Controller, ill speaker licensed flow-er
represent the culture, hold the globe up on my right shoulder
Fight for the right to blow up, yea I got a psych diploma
But in my core I'm a pure, Hip Hop and I might to show it
Uncut dopeness, I'm cocaine to your baking soda
with more appearances than Michael Caine and Abe Vigoda
U know I stay devoted, your rocking with the best
show stopping in effect, souls bopping in the flesh
twist words and bend language work from a dim vantage
Weaving slang between deep words and even deeper anguish
But believe I vanquish, battle tested, urge to brawl
build something up from nothing, only had my words and balls
First of all, I thirst and crawl, hungry for that chance to scrap
Secondly, I master ceremonies, and I manage raps
encourage you to stand back 'fore I set the stage a flame
Pistol Gang, Lab Ratz, cross over jab step fade away
Game winner, Throw ya hand up, better stay with us

Hook 2x

Lantz Verse
When the kid is speaking, yall get to praying like a deacon
I hustle hard nine to five rhyming on the weekend
(Cmon) I'll end a mothafuckas breathin for no reason
I aim to be the lone star like flags and Puerto Ricans
So while ya'll freakin..out, I was coming from the mouth
as a force a nature like birds in winter flying south
While ya loungin on the couch, I'm evolving
Bring that Midas touch to everything that I'm involved in
I'm getting too old to stand still, gotta push for that progress
Aim to be the king of the hill, the king of the real
Everyday bring the deal
Cause on the mic, Lantz always sing what he feel
It's like a picture on the wall, it's a work of art
Aint a painting in a frame and its a work of the heart
Ya'll can say it how you like the kids a jerk but he's smart
It's like a movie gotta work for your part
Yea I'm staying sharp like the throw of a dart
Controlling Mics likes you dike control a Mario Cart

Hook 2x

Doap Nixon Verse:
Yo, lets get this one thing clear
If you got any questions I'm answer em dear
Rule 1 I will not cross Doap Nixon
I will not get my head blown like Pulp Fiction
Rule 2 I will respect OPG
I will respect them three letters like DMB
I'm the best rapper, slash spitter
Slash beat you to a pulp without my hand on a trigger
I'm an intelligent nigga,
Crypt tells me all the time I should be involved with much bigger
project for the youth, albums out the booth
if you ask about my country I got problems with the truth
How does it feel when you think I niggas raw,
till you listen to his shit and find out you thinking wrong
This nigga aint raw we call him fugazi
I finally know how Reef feels, fuck you pay me
We get the dough and then we Patrick Swayze
Fuck two thumbs up you crazy, I want both hands baby.
Track Name: Refresh The Memory
Dave Z I'm a mic fiend, with a shine like high beams
So bright ya can't see me, so go and get visine
I don't give a fuck got a million buck psyche
Cuz I been getting drunk at the club with ya wifey
I keep picking up fights, inviting a crime scene
I been ripping up mics, and pissing on pipe dreams
I was spitting it tight, as strong as a vice squeeze
In this small pond, I'm the biggest of Pisces
Dave Z the M. C. refreshin the memory
Ain't the same dude I was, back when I was twenty
But I will still drop you, If you get in my way
Bumpin Cypress Hill like I'm a get it any way
La-La-La-La - I'm a hip hop star
Spit it hard, livin large, and shadow box with god
been training everyday, and slay without conscious
was rhyming when Big L was still saying ebonics


Dave Z I'm a scholar, lyrically a monster
And I don't give a fuck, fearless as a mobsters
My rhymes are self-defined, hear how I can prosper
Although I ain't devine, no spirit or chakras
clear out ya roster, make room for a max cat
Like Donnie Walsh did for the Knicks, to attract Stat
Got n get ya back pack, I'm bout to school ya now
My hometown shootaround to warm up and loosen crowds
Dave Z the M-C refreshen the memory
Old Schooler Boom Bapper, Legend of the Nineties
Brought into the future, to try to channel vibes
of Kool G, Rugged Man, Rakim and Channel Live
I grew up a nice kid, but screwed up how life is
I worshipped Canibus, want a mic on my skin
Non stop writing I did try to perfect the flow
I have a way with words that'll perplex ya soul


Dave Z I'm an M. C. the last of a dead breed
Passionate Energy, Smash mouth like Ed Reed
Hittin you with the speed of two crashin bently
You babies who rely, on ya moms to breastfeed
I am independence, I mastered that pedigree
Drunk bastard sipping rum, till my flask is empty
Dishin out tongue lashin, so ya girls ask for me
Non are handsome as me, the young dashing emcee
Dave Z the Musician refreshin ya cognition
Wielding the Microphone, with intellect and wisdom
In depth lyricism, y'all are blessed to listen
its the dopiest Genius, like the best of GZA
I grew up on Wu-Tang, I will triumph for cream
an Ill rhyming machine, I build, rise and repeat
while most of this shit out, numbs ya mind like morphine
I incite insight and electrify what it means

Track Name: Stuck in My Ways (featuring Marz)
I been around the business, fake dudes, the foulest bitches
counterfeits, malcontents, that why's I'm now so nihilistic
That's why my style rigid, proud to be a malice dipshit
Kick that same gully shit, until the final hours ticking
I ain't about the riches, that don't mean I'm staying broke
I'm breakin molds, paving roads, and do whatever Dave evoke
Hot as hades yo, I stay devote despite the elements
Hard core intelligence, and we gotta fight for relevance
I kick that underground shit, that clap like thunder clouds
Hunt it down like hungry hounds, every I come around
I'm so obnoxious, glorifying intoxication
That's what you get from a rhymer trying to rock the nation
I stock the place with liquor, Dave Z the modern ripper
Do what I say, say what I do fuck if u got to differ
This how i'm doing things, spicy like some Hooters wings
Speakin the truth and i'm pollution' how the youth'll think

Hook 2x
"My way, my way
Convertin' from hustling to rap"
My way or the highway, stuck within my mind state
You ain't like it fine than, yall can get out my way

Marz Verse:
I can write a thousand verses, walk to hell and come back
and talk to god sons and try to teach em with facts
its something necessary you can say it flows through my blood stream
The Black Saint caught between the truth and some pipedream
My life seems built between these sixteen bars
But what my life means is something from the sun, moon, and stars
don't underestimate the mothafuckin power of Marz
I'm bringing rage on different level painting some hardships
These soft pricks praying to the gods to be rich
And I still know that they be checking for me watching my next move
As life goes on they understand what i been through
I may just be talking bout you, but see I'm stuck in my ways
I know my hear wont change, I might for give but won't forget what you do
but see I'm stuck in my ways
I know my hear wont change, I might for give but won't forget what you do

Dave Z Verse 2:
I keep the faith in myself, only trustin' what I say
Self reliant non-compliant, yea I'm stuck in my ways
The government is sideways, fuck it that's why crime pays
Opinions are like assholes, ask you how does mine tastes
Shittin on these politicians, pinch a loaf on your votes
Never need a hollow hope, rather speak than follow folks
Politicin not my business, I'm too busy scholarshippin
Ignorant Americans only care bout their dollar chickens
The fast food generation, immediate gratification
McDonaldization people seem to lack the patience
We see it in the rap game, emcees trying to blow up
wanting free beats and handout before they even show up
I'm about paying dues, and I thank Marz for commin thru
and pummel dudes who rummage thru that never had a fuckin clue
it's been long overdue, a throw back to them rugged days
Stubborn as a motherfuck, so what I'm stuck in my ways
Track Name: Anxiety
How must I free, From anxiety
what can this be, that keeps on endin me
Colder than a wind, so when underneath my skin
Fuckin' a remember when I had no anxiety

I wanna break free, finally get some peace of mind from this
Can't find the words to speak, can't hide from this environment
Too preoccupied from the deprived mental vileness
Till I'm violent, cast a side like a pariah is
I cut out the messiah shit, I pawned my crown of thorns
I'm a pugilist trapped in a war of a thousand swords
But I withstand the storms, unscathed, by amazing smarts
And I take on so much weight, sometimes I portray a god
I like to stay in the dark, when I swim I play with sharks
Yet I'm always on guard and I'm afraid of my own bark
I'm afraid I'll lose control, no restraint once I start
I'm parched for blood, yea it's fucked up, it breaks my heart
I'm capable of evil, lethal with nothing to prove
Just upset for my people, who been thru too much abuse
Losin' my cool, asking myself 'where the compassion go?'
Two wrongs don't make a right, but right now I'm not rational


The tension got me acting vengeful, stressed and resentful
Trapped in this dreadful mental prison, pissed and disrespectful
Kickin out the nonessentials, just to keep my mind sane
My mind frame is why change, when the worlds so conniving
My hindbrain is fucked up, my cerebellums off balance
Walk around with my dukes up, and I'm quick to show my talons
Anxious and callous, I'm foul as a flagrant two
Blantantly spew my hateful views, from crowds to vacant rooms
Empowered to make it through, with the talent of stay true
Fightin for scraps in the streets, with no heat, like vagrants do
Don't give a fuck I'll break the rules, if it'll replace the gloom
This shameless deuce don't deserve to rot in a cell, Rae Carruth
I hate that I'm so consumed, with the pain you placed us through
Wanna murder you, no conscious, stoned faced, I aint confused
I know the deal, can't conceal it, see it for what it is
And that's what keeps me up night, and got me feeling like this


"where them years go, where them old gold beers and cheer go"
"The whole worlds evil, I just gotta live in it tho"
"We comin' from the village of the unprivileged"
"Made you believe theres no one really crazy as me"
"I'm sick like that, cussin' often, insane man"
"Parts of darkness descend and consume me"
"Ya entire society rioting"
"Pop a pill... chill, sit back, release my anxiety"
Track Name: Mentally Ill
My mind is capable of sick shit, my views diseased,
Accidentally kill a man, every time shoot the breeze
An existential being, authentic truly unique
You ain't as cool as me, eventually this dude will beast
I'm up late losing sleep, abusing beats, not new to me
I been there done that, comeback, review it studiously
I'm top one, two and three, the god, undisputedly
My mood temperamental, heavy metal like judas priest
My mental beautifully ill, Skills you only dream of
Don't need to act tough, mean mug, like these modern day e-thugs
Ain't afraid to smile, ask your girl that's what she love
My psyches a slut, I mind fuck till I see blood
I'm sleek as V-W, but my thoughts torture these cats
Rip to pieces by telekinesis, hand ya torso back
The big boss of rap, tell rick ross he better fall back
I killed everything in my path, and then scorched my tracks

HOOK 2x:
"Not ill like walkin in the projects with a nine
Ill like moving solid objects with the mind"
"Mentally sick" "Rhyme vicious, inclined to cause sickness"
"Mentally ill, psychiatrical sickness"

I'm mentally disturbed, a jerk essentially bizzerk.
I set the globe on fire, every time I read a verse
I'm a demon first, a killer second, and a beast third
I speak these word with a passion that can fracture the earth
Attack, I'm averse, bomb first, a cognitive torpedo
I'm not gon be peaceful, obnoxiously incognito
A mental freak show, deviant and pompous behavior
With the fortitude of magneto and the prof xavier
Dave Z the mind controller, explicit rhyme promoter
Me and hip hop go together, like its lime and corona
I ain't the highest roller, biggest spender that's not me
I'm in the lab examining minds like autopsies
They say my thoughts disease, I view my mind as gifted
Survival Form, I'm making due with what I was given'
And that's the definition, of skillful take notice
I'm crazy mad ill yo, in kill mode and can't focus


Push mountains and shatter minds whenever I come lyrical
never nothing simple, My rhymes un-fuck-wit-able,
my mental capacity can overthrow gravity
Levitate souls, with breath control and flow voracity
Till I'm know for my audacity, I smash whack emcees
Bring it back to the basement, N i don't mean rap city
Fire automatically, without even packing heat
Attack a beat with the tenacity of a rabid beast
That's just me, raw etiquette, you can bet on this work horse
I'm triple x hardcore sex, while the rest are just jerk offs
That's why I smirk more, satisfied with the fact that I kill
And you couldn't sleep on me if you OD on Nyquil
Collect the proceeds cause I'm ill, the sickest man alive
Try to psycho analyze my cycle of angry rhymes
Yea I'm that arrogant guy, my ego's my only rival
That's why nothing can stop me, I dictate my own survival

Track Name: Entropy of the State
Yea the worlds a piece of shit, murder disease, famine
Political fervor leads to perjury, deceit, and branding
Paint the picture of anguish, the beat is my canvass
I speak for the oppressed, can't rest gotta keep at it
Emergency planning, so I'm ahead of the curve standing
on my own two, hustling and scrapping like Kurt Rambis
On a personal rampage, v for vendetta music
My mind warped, rise up, like Guy Fawkes, lead the revolution
Takes a Legend to do this, who better suited than me
Give a fuck about the industry, still do this for free
Maybe lunacy, but i'm paranoid I'm losing rights
Left or right, either or, it's all devoid clueless types
arguing who is rights, and who's next for the troops to fight
Meanwhile real people are dying, violence, shoot outs, heist
Destroying beautiful life, for just the capital gain
Turning my moderate mind, into a radical brain

Hook 2x:
I never back down, moving forward, chosen my fate
I stand tall, march on, and I'll do what it takes
Militant mind frame, Enemy of the State
Revolutionary Me, Entropy of The State

Nowadays it's all a joke, they try to purchase ya votes
But I don't trust a soul any further than I can throw
Check my murderous flow, speak the truth, ya heard what I know
Pop rap stars aint saying shit, ain't got the courage or the stones
I'm to irked to bone, when they claim its conspiracy rap
When the fact, the poor feel like they should bring tyranny back
Theres an escalating gap. the rich keep getting richer
the poor keep getting poorer, is there a new world order
Gotta protect our sons and daughters 'gainst moral slaughter
But we over medicate, got hormones in the water
Process foods, HD TV, gave ya kids ADHD
But since I ain't mainstream, I guess you can't relate to me
That's what the media feed you, to help keep you peaceful
While hardcore cultured hip hop is perceived as evil
But its for the people, by the people, yea what it sound like
Yea i been around forever, I aint going down with out a fight

Hook 2x

Yea I'm angry all the time, question is why aren't you
When society's fucked up and hip hop is garbage too
Live in the land of the fakes where there's no market for truth
What's politics when hollow tips hit the heart of the youth
Pardon me dude, I'm bout to let the anarchy ensue
Overthrow the system but they say it's a marxist view,
More people are broke then not, look at the hardships accrued
Twenty-four hour propaganda, can't stand watching the news
Turn off the box in the room, shut the camera, kill the music
Think about reality and fuck the glamour and illusions
These elaborate excuses, used to control ya thoughts
Gotta stand up for your rights and fight your corporate boss
Cuz the bucks the driven force, corruption behind closed doors
When their doughs at stake, the only time they show support
This whole globe could be bought, theres a price tag on ya life
Stand up the mic and share my plight like it's my god damn right
Track Name: Integrity (featuring Van G)
I'm not one for stuntin, prefer to rap with substance
not your average puppet rapper, always actin tough its
Not the way I role, I take control, and pack the punches
Drunk Ass cat from Suffolk, All I do's attrack the ruckus
Represent Strong I. vibe to boom bap percussions
Since Jr High, making music in the back of buses
Caused this lapse of judgement, all day havin grudges
Cuz I spent my youth, cooped up in a ragged dungeon
That's why my dreams squashed, can't seem to shake it off
All day writing rhymes, Never please. p off
It's starts to sound the same, people wanna doubt my reign
douche my flame, make round about claims
that I ain't a proud to say, I been about this game
for countless days way before and MJ was touting Hanes
I'll about face flip the script, bringin raw intensity
Think back when hip hop had that thing called integrity

"I am what I what I am, cause that's all I can be"
"Most people life controlled by the things they worship"
"The fame, big house, money and the nice whips
Is that what life is I thought it was priceless"

Van G verse:
Let me spit a couple bars so I could rep my clique
two years asleep but I didn't even stop to think
Theres no restriction to hold back now
Theres more conviction to blow back cowards
It don't sell well when your reach is limited
Cause your record deal prefers being primitive
so can you even compete with this
I don't play the guitar but I got nice riffs
See I'm the nicest to apply this and I decided
to let you slide, who's on your side
so don't call your neighbor better call the major
tell em your the trader so you can be penetrated
your a perpetrator, you like a sixth grader
with no career goals and like a cheese grater
your full of holes, cause you aint paid the toll
and in the end you can lose your soul


I'm not about swagger, I'd rather speak with daggers
Rather keep to myself, then meet and greet with maggots
Bunch of sleazy actors, all playing jack the rappers
Gasin each other up, Motherfucker crack the cameras
Cut the T.V. off, reach across the freaking boundaries
Think outside the box, hip hop where we keep it rowdy
We pioneered rebellion now we selling cliches
These days I'm bout to trade my mic for a brief case
It sad to say, but hey, I'm god damn either way
Still I stay Self Defined, Self sufficient, seize the day
Never concede my fate, stay calm never nervous
Never trade self respect for a blank check or purchase
I'm rich in mental strength all the rest to me is worthless
Refuse to fall victim to this concept of worship
When man verse himself, that called insane to me
But I stay up beat, speak free and preach integrity
Track Name: Threw Me Off My Game (featuring Levi)
Can't seem to keep my balance, everyday seeing violence
speaking wild, all the while, I'm just trying to leak my talents
My physique imbalance, blame it on the binge drinking
Thinking I'm a fix things when yet again the bridge sinking
I got severe delusions, like my shit ain't been stinking
Fuck it this merely music, on the edge clearly tweaking
Cringe and freaking this kid about to make the same mistake
Rapping just to play the game, like juggling razorblade
Humble by the pain I face, muzzled by the fate I chase
Sleep is for the weak man, struggling to stay a wake
Caught in Limbo, my poor soul and exhausted pencil
Trying to write more rhymes, grind to extort more info
I don't talk to bimbo, I only vibe with the truest
Help me thru this, losing my mind when I write this music
I try improving, but you tell me it's not good enough
should loosen up, but I keep it in util my mood erupts


Levi Verse
You woke me up with a phone call know it all
Doing back flips sounds like summersaults
So persuasive, sure but evasive
god knows what your doing in the basement
jaws dropping in shear amazement
every second that passes your aging
pass the stage of trying to stage it
as far as your concerned get to payment
I been thinking of the rhymes to say it
Just display it, tell the truth right now
Grab the mic and announce it to the whole crowd
Tell em everything my the real real proud
Take the stage and continue with a second bow
Get the show on the road and just head south
Strike a pose and make my little mouth pout
Leave em all off balance like I feel now


Threw me of my game, piss drunk my thought derange
Caught in this caustic game, all about the cross and chain
I'd rather tortures brains of course it's gon cost me fame
But I don't want it, I don't need it, I'lll shit talk the same
short on change, flossin dollars is not my forte
Been pinchin pennies, spittin heavy to get my songs played
All day in the lab, born with the gift of gab
With Levi on the hook, and I'm not one to miss a jab
I stick and land, dodge and weave, hang like apostrophes
Imposters plottin the same angle like an isosceles
All this posturing is bogus, got me whyling like I'm hopeless
All these roaches, approach us, but my style be the dopiest
I'm a blow this mothafucka up, not just follow the motions
It's all reality television and hollow motives
But I'm scholar broseph, despite the chaotic surrounding
and that my brain pounding, Ill always stay grounded

Track Name: Rebel for Self
This for my nonconformists, rebels, hip hop reformists
people that refuse to settle to that world accordance
while the worlds in orbit, spinning on a slanted axis
We live in blackness, spin zones and never granted access
I stand here conflicted, wishing that I could make a difference
But cash rules, n I'm too broke to even change the business
They labelled me a hater, fuck it cause I probably am
Hate the industry, the government, and society damn
All these propriety scams, designed to pigeonhole us
Most of us without a paddle up shits river floating,
Refuse to live with roaches, not the bugs in my apartment
but politicians and the big business they involved with
That's why I blame my conscious, that's why I stay obnoxious
and that's reason why the public hates, most hardcore artists
Cuz real art exposes truth, and not just swagger kids
That's why I rebel against the norms of the establishments

Hook 2x
I don't wannabe like everyone else,
caught in that realm, can't think for my self
I don't wannabe another spineless drone
The Rebel for Self, Got a mind of my own

Back up on the microphone, tapping like a Tyson clone
Decisively write my poems, righteously take back my thrown
Sacrifice my own, just to get my point across
take away my everything, I'm rapping in a loin cloth
Emcee thats represents a cause beyond hypocrisy
No corporate strings attached, this is who I got to be
Fuck the oligopolies, rebellious philosophy
A revolutionary approach, when I rock this beat
Hell of a moxie I'm probably the rawest act
Rather swallow a sword than follow more bureaucrats
Whose had enough of it, Democrats Republicans
They don't speak for me, do they speak for you, the fuck is this?
I'm just a stubborn kid refusing to lose my ideals
Forced to work a 9 to 5, because my rhymes is real
I grind with higher zeal, u ain't know my mind is ill
Fuck You, Hows it feel. The rebels here Signed and Sealed

Hook 2
Track Name: Could Never Not Love Her
It's like we grown together, never let the phonies sweat us
End of the day u right there, and always know me better
than I know myself, uh, but it's always healthy
cause I need no help, uh but you always help me
I brag I'm self sufficient, main reason you behind me
I can survive hell conditions, long as I got you by me
All the love you supply me, helped me be the man u see
Remain calm and collected, no longer am I that damage teen
I went from an-ger-ry to livin within a fantasy
and moneys only important so I can get u everything u need
I want the house, the kids, vacations and dream get aways
And my music is secondary, even if it don't seem that way
And I know I need my space, and sometimes act foolish
But I need you in the place, a lot more than that, truth is
I'm use to you, I rely on you being there
n when you were not, I almost forgot how to breathe in air

Hook 2x

I feel unstoppable, when I got you, I got it all
Top the world, me and you girl, and we will not fall
We've been through sad time, the muck grime and tough spots
But it all helped to define, just to how much love we got
I know sometimes you worry, and I always tell you not to
But I appreciate it, and understand when u say u got too
It means you care and I get it cause I care a lot too
And that's why when we argue I can never get too hostile
And although I like to joke, u always know I'm quite happy
I love it when I tease you, and you can dish it right at me
My life's complete, you don't need to compete with no one
It's been decided like u already hit the game winning home run
N life has been so fun, eight years have just flown by
N I know why, cause your amazing, well so am I
But honestly I wouldn't be where I am with out you kid
So I promise to keep loving you… and that's legit
Track Name: Rise Up (featuring Mark Deez)
HOOK 2x:
RISE UP, RISE UP, Don't give a fuck, then get ya fists up
RISE UP, RISE UP, Tear down the game, now Fuck the System,
RISE UP, RISE UP, We going wild till we Triumph
RISE UP, RISE UP, Get to flowing get the vibe up

Dave Z Verse:
Dave Z, The Modern Prophet, Hip Hop God of Logic
Betcha bottom dollar I'm a Rise Up like Bottle Rockets
I'm just a scholar rocking sweat pants and scuffed sneaks
Feelin' like a million bucks, rapping like a smug beast
Fuck ya thugs dreams, I'm hungry trying to get mines
I'm just obscene, cause I'm struggling just to get by
That's why I bust rhymes for people who don't have a thing
Teens that never had a dream drug dealing clutching magazines
That's why I'm proud to lead, this hip hop revolution
Read the blueprint, bleed the music, Now its time for execution
So who gon' walk with me, simply put we got to RISE UP
organize, strategize, Galvanize and get are MINDS UP
Time to Triumph, Reveal the Puppets, who steal from the budgets
Break it down Feel the ruckus, build a new infrastructure
And then sound the trumpets, all hail your new leaders
Fuck a news leaders, I'm the truth brought to you through your speakers

Mark Deez Verse:
I'm a New York Knickerbocker, sippin Vodka
Name some one else my age that's did it longer
I spit it proper what you expect from me
I from Georgia but I rep the east
My only advice for you is to press play
Listen to the verbal essay throughout the decade
I just say whatever I have to say
Its a Saturday matinee, have it this way
been rappin for pay since back in the day
I was smashing with the tactic to master the game
It's my time this year, I'm a shine this year
they hide in fear when I appear
Cause my mind is clear, Me and Dave Z
we what the game needs since day 3
you wanna play me, this aint PS3 this aint xbox
I'm like GSP ill put you in a head lock


Mark Deez Verse:
Your breath stops and now you tapping out
maybe now you'll know what rap is about
fuck the cash and amounts, thats you bargain about
you a staggering clow, I'm Mick Jagger with sound
I spit daggers, ya limbs fractured, patting you down
I spit it savage the master is back in the town
This the end of everything you can imagine
Mark Deez, Dave Z, trump in all fashion

Dave Z Verse:
Lets get the people amped, chanting, jumping out their seats
This a new world anthem, jamming, thumping down the streets
Thats what hip hop needs, Scratch it, That's what I need
To motivate my brain, elevate, and rise to my feet
But I ain't the only one, that still likes that boom bap
So I team with Mark Deez, and tightened up my bootstrap
We march into war, with a sword and six pack
Opening the door like Amare saying the Knicks Back

Track Name: The World in the Palm of My Hand
I should've been more focused, spoken up and broke the silence
I should stopped talking so stupid, and stop promotin' violence
should think about what I say remain open to guidance
Way too self-reliant, way too opposed to compliance
put down the toasters, irons, replace the guns and the gats
Used to fight for social change, should be more hungry for that
I should probably drink less, ain't got the money or scratch
And quite possibly think less, too high strung out on this rap
I should show more affection, blessed by my friends around me
Who never let me slip up or get sent to the county
I'm fortunate, and honestly I'm proud of all that is
Should've did more to make it, but proud to never call it quits
Proud I rocked a crowd of six, at four A.M. in a shit bar
When I had school the next day, they call it blatant disregard
But I showed up, passed the class all while I mastered this art
Proud cuz most people doubted I'd even make it this far

I always gave my all, scribing on my pen and pad
I alway had it all, my girl, my friends and famm
Yo Yes Yes Yea, I'm proud of the man I am
I always had it all, the world in the palm of my hand

I should've been more selfish, others time been more giving
Should've been less conflictive, less vindictive, more consistant
Should've did less sinning, more grinning, when exploring living
Should've been less afraid to stray away from whats forbidden
Should've stayed committed, too complacent hate to admit it
But I'm proud of my ambitions, just trying to make a difference
And I'm proud of the fact that rationale replaced tradition
So now I'm proud I can withstand any and all conditions
I can cause I know I can, demonstrating the strength of man,
I'm up here baring my soul, dedicated to who I am
And through it all I keep the world in the palm of my hand
Can't understand how much I appreciate if you're a fan
From the pen and the pad, came the thoughts and the dreams
My musics about nothing, everything, and all in between
A lot more than it seems, maybe I should've simplified it
The games a fuckin battlefield, so I'm just proud I survived it